About the Fellowship

The DYLEP Fellowship aims to empower DYLEP alumni to serve their communities by providing up to $5,000 (USD) each to two project teams: one project based in Iraq and one project based in the United States. The DYLEP Fellowship will provide the Fellows with the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to create positive social change.

To strengthen DYLEP’s goals, the DYLEP Fellowship projects should focus on one of these three main themes: peacebuilding, anti-bigotry, or refugees. The projects do not have to be completely new ideas, but should contain an original element to them, as opposed to direct funding for an existing organization. Project lead must be a DYLEP alumni, but other project members are not required to be DYLEP alumni.

The DYLEP Fellowship is funded by the Putnam Foundation and Roz Delori.

The Applications Are Now Closed

  • Finalists will be selected and notified in October 2018.
  • Selected projects should be implemented between November 2018 to April 2019, but can continue beyond those dates.

What We Look For

Here is a list of things we look for in a project:

  • We like projects that serve your local community. We want your project to benefit people who you are able to identify from your community. In true DYLEP spirit, your community can be in-person or online!
  • We like projects that allow you to utilize your leadership skills. We want you to put the skills you learned through DYLEP – teamwork, dialogue, time management – into practice.
  • We like projects that promote mutual understanding. We want you to connect people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and values, and to utilize and strengthen those relationships in some way.
  • We like projects that find creative ways to solve problems. We encourage you to take risks, but at the same time, build in ways of mitigating those risks.
  • We like projects that are cost-effective and sustainable. We want you to utilize the funding in the best way possible, and develop a plan to sustain your project after the grant period.

If you have any questions about the DYLEP Fellowship, please email dylep@worldlearning.org.