A Week in the Program

The Experiment Digital activities are dynamic and different in each module. Below is a sample schedule of what one of your weeks during the program may look like.

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  • Watch a video to learn about how students can become activists in their hometowns. (3 minutes)
  • Share your perspective and read what others have to say in the video’s comments section. (2 minutes)
  • Play an interactive online game about life as a refugee in the Eastern Mediterranean. (15 minutes)
  • Discuss stereotypes and bias with Iraqi and American peers . (20 minutes)
  • Post a photo of your favorite meal in the Facebook group. (2 minutes)
  • Bounce around project ideas in a group chat with your “host family” and “neighbors.” (15 minutes)

Thursday at 7 PM

  • Ask questions to a digital activist in a live webinar. (30 minutes)

Saturday at 4 PM

  • Chat with your dialogue group about the intersection between gender and peacebuilding. (1 hour)