IYLEP Mirror


By Rawa Q. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

My DYLEP experience helped me a lot during the IYLEP Mirror program, because if there wasn’t DYLEP, I wouldn’t have applied for IYLEP Mirror in the first place.

DYLEP gave me the courage I needed to look for other programs and get the most out of every opportunity I get which would help me develop as a person and as a leader. Before DYLEP I wasn’t as social as now but after DYLEP I got to know a lot of people who helped me become a more socialized person which was a necessary for me because it gave me the ability to easily communicate with other members of IYLEP Mirror.

DYLEP also made me start thinking about the issues we are facing which increased my knowledge a lot about the local issues and their solutions which I could share with the other members of IYLEP Mirror, DYLEP also taught me to encourage the youth who had an idea even if it’s not a unique or a new idea and that is what I tried to do in IYLEP Mirror, by showing the other members their strong points or by praising them for their talents so they could get the confidence they need to use their talents.

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