My DYLEP Experiences

By Maryam A. (DYLEP 2016 Participant)

reflection-maryam.PNGIt’s been two years since I finished the program and although that, I’m barely touching the big changes that have occurred in my life and stuck in it. That most of the activities of the study that we do for a certain period, such as the school year, after the end of the school year in a short period of time we remember only the things that we acquired in a distinctive way and stuck in our mind, but the program and all sections of DYLEP with the information provided to us  in a distinctive and useful way this what made us relate to it and what we learned even after a long time to graduate from the program.

In every part of our lives we have benefited from it, for me this program has affected a lot in my life and it is most important is to make my English language stronger than before and I can now speak English very comfortably additionally I have learned to manage my time, work tables , plans for my projects and focus and the discovery of new ideas, thus achieved my first project after the end of the program and since then did not stop discovering new ideas and participate in campaigns aimed at the development of society.

From the social point of view I became more open to the world and learned a lot about America and its cultures and dealt with many people who were different  and although this we have been a cooperative team loving each other and I have made lasting friendships for this day and possible forever and from both countries Iraq And America.

DYLEP is not just a program that affects our personality for a short time and disappears the DYLEP is part of our personality and develop us for the better. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

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