Cornerstone of Building my Confidence


By Rojeena R. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

The first time I got involved with DYLEP after getting accepted as a DYLEP 2017 finalist was when we were working on the Lollipop Campaign. They were the first couple of days from the first module and we already started team working to accomplish change, and the Lollipop Campaign was only a start. They were these days and the motivating and inspiring people I worked with that made me realize I want to do more to build my country, because that’s where I find myself.

I couldn’t say anything other than DYLEP was the cornerstone of building my confidence and willing-to-change character. Before, I would only wish that one day I’d wake up to a better community, and only keep admiring people who were at least trying to achieve that. Also, I could never have the ability to start something because my greatest fear in life was failure, now that I know that failure is just another step you need to take before succeeding, I’m ready to fail everyday as long as I’m changing that failure into success, because the more you fail, the more powerfully you succeed. DYLEP simply told me to change the negative into positive, and to achieve something, all you need is a plan, and the will to start.

This story is significant because I believe that failure is the thing most people are scared of, and the only barrier between them and achieving what they want in life. I was one of the people who’d rarely do anything just because I feared failure. But I believe if we all come to realize that failure is just another part of success, a part every successful person went through to arrive where he wants, accomplishing things would be much easier. I hope this story would have a hand in making people believe that failure is the key to success, but only if you don’t stop at that failure.

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