Supporting Orphans in Diwaniya, Iraq

Nour A. (DYLEP 2017 Participant) and Noor A. (DYLEP 2017 Participant) developed a project to bring treats and healthcare supplies to orphans in Diwaniya, Iraq.

What is your project? 

My project is the rights of children, especially orphans. We went first to the director of orphanage we talked with her that we intend to that we meet children and talk with them, and give them some guidance health. She welcomed the idea and told us things they need the children of things healthy. Was there in orphanage some of teenagers she told us about the things they need we tried to strive to provide all requirements.  After we went to the market and buy everything we need and then we went to the House.

In the house we started the banquets to meet the children or in fact they were not all children, we provided them with a set of gifts and my mother baked some sweets and went to the orphanage the next day, which was scheduled to talk with children. At the beginning we talked to them about the education and how its importance for humans and then we talked with them about the public health and hygiene and things like the importance of cleaning teeth and combing hair and we finished talking that they are like us and there is no difference between us and them.

Why did you pick this project?

I chose this project because I believe that they represent the future of the world, as well as the suffering of children in my country from wars and persecution that affects them negatively.

Why is your project important?

Because the children are facing the world and represent the future as I mentioned earlier. Also, to get all the children including the loss of their parents a good childhood and develop their abilities to be able to do a lot when they grow up.

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