Let’s Draw the Smile on Cancer Children in Karbala

By Ahmed E. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

First of all we should know that the humanity is coming first. In our community we have a lot of children have got a bad diseases like a cancer.

So we should draw the smile on their faces because it is one of our responsibilities because we are humans and the psychological treatment is one of the most important ways to get calm of the cancer.

So I decided to help them.

First I had looked for teams and donations.

After that I went to buy toys, cars and some gifts for the children. And we went to the hospital and we played with them gave a gifts.

After this campaign we felt something this feeling is indescribable because when you help someone we weren’t help him or her we were help yourself.

This is the humanity. The challenges was how can I start talking with children because it was very difficult but we looked for someone has a knowledge of how can we talking with them and he made a workshop for us before our campaign and learned us.

DYLEP help me a lot because it learned me how can I focus in the problem and make a plan to fix it.

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