Areej’s Project

World Learning staff interview Areej A. (DYLEP 2017 Participant) from Baghdad, Iraq, about the project she designed during DYLEP 2017.

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WL: What did you do for your project?

Areej: My project is campaign for kids we try to make them happy and draw the smile on their faces. By some funny activities such as drawing on faces and we gave them some gifts such as flowers, balloons, cakes and juices.We also show them a person disguised with bear clothes the really love this part and that make us happy.

WL: Why did you choose this project? 

Areej: I choosed to work with kids because they are very kind, lovely and innocent. By doing this project we gave them hope that this life can be beautiful even of all the bad news we hear everyday. We just have to be hopeful and helpful. I think all the kids who came will remember that day as a beautiful memory and maybe they will try to do the same and that is what I wish.

WL: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your project, and how did you overcome it?

Areej: The only challenge was the fear of failure and the failure of the project. But thanks to the wonderful team members.Those who gave me hope, helped me and supported me succeeded. I would like to thank them very much for everything they have done.

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