We Earth

By Ashrakat A. (DYLEP 2017 Participant) and Julia D. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)


Ashrakat, from Erbil, Iraq, and Julia, from Seattle, Washington share their experience working on a project together from two different countries.

What is your project?

Ashrakat: Our project is an online program for young women empowerment and promotion of women’s rights, to raise youth voices and awareness and to establish friendly communication between Iraq and USA. In this program we introduce the rights that reserve and secure the woman an equal free life, learn more about inspirational strong women who have shown integrity and resilience to achieve their dreams and made a positive change for the world and to exchange thoughts and ideas through online dialogue groups and more activities.

We Earth.jpg

The logo Julia and Ashrakat created for their project.

Why did you decide to work together?

Ashrakat: We’ve decided to work together because we both have the same passion for promoting women’s rights (our rights).

Julia: We also chose to work together because we wanted to reach out more with the others in our communities to come together and share one’s insights.

Why did you choose this particular subject?

Ashrakat: We have chosen this subject because we believe that the first step into woman’s freedom is the awareness of her legal rights and how to get benefit of her position in society, and because the topic on women empowerment is a burning issue all over the world. “Women empowerment” and “Women equality with men” are universal issues.

How do you plan a project together if you live in two different countries?

Ashrakat: Planning the project wasn’t easy for sure because we live in different countries that have different time zones but we both have that motivation which leaded us to overcome obstacles and use our passion to try to make a change. We used different online platforms to get our plans done, we write to each other almost every day and do Skype calls sometimes.

What is your advice for others who want to make a project?

Ashrakat: If you want to make a successful project and get good results having impact on people, you should believe in your potentials and your partners’, you should plan for everything before you get started and always respect your partners’ thoughts and ideas. For me, Julia is a great inspirational partner and I liked working with her.

Julia: I definitely have to agree with her advice for making a project. Communication is important in all aspects whether it is with the people you are working with or the community you are sharing in. The planning the process with Ashrakat has taught me the key time management with our different times zones. Overall, working with Askrakat has inspired me more and reminds me that there is a handful amount of individuals who are as passionate to work for a positive change all around the world.

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