Sarah’s Back to School Campaign


Sarah delivering school supplies.

By Sarah O. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

My theme during DYLEP was serving IDPs and refugees, I decided to focus on IDPs because it’s one of the biggest issues that we are facing here in Iraq. So from that I started studying more about their needs and worries. I chose education because I wanted a topic that I can relate to as a student myself, also because I believe that if you want to make a better generation you have to start from the kids themselves because they are the future of the society. However, since education problems for IDPs are hard to help solve in one project, I decided to take a branch of it which was school supplies since through it they can learn and study better, it’s like the base of the student.

There is a lack of knowledge and qualification for displaced children in Iraq because they didn’t have the appropriate conditions for education. Back To School campaign aims to provide them with what they need from school supplies so that they can work and produce better results throughout the school year.


Sarah and the backpack recipients.

The challenge I faced was definitely providing donation money for the campaign since that the project relies on that. I started introducing and explaining the project’s idea to my relatives, friends and my neighbors they were really interested and willing to help in putting a smile on those little kids faces!

DYLEP helped me work on it from scratch by teaching me the basic ways to achieve a project,gave me advices that helped me to improve my project and improve myself. I learned a lot from this experience it changed me, changed my perspectives and I think without all of that i wouldn’t be able to complete this project.

To learn more about Sarah’s project, visit her online portfolio!

One thought on “Sarah’s Back to School Campaign

  1. Zena Qaragholi says:

    I’m so proud of you Sara, you are a very telented young lady with a beautiful heart and a humanitarian spirit. I wish you the very best in your upcoming life.
    Zena Qaragholi
    The ambassador of children in Iraq


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