Rojeena’s Dialogue Group

Image uploaded from iOS (3)By Rojeena R. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

Before DYLEP, all I had were wishes that someday my community would get better, I always dreamt of a community where women are respected as much as men are, where no one’s abilities are underestimated, and where one is all and all is one, but I would never think that I can be a part of making that possible, so all I did was admire people who were at least trying to make a change, because it was something I hadn’t had enough courage to do.

After everything I went through and learned during DYLEP, and after meeting the inspiring young leaders I met, I finally decided to stand up and be the change I always wanted to see and ended up with a plan for a project I always waited for others to start!! I don’t know how or when everything got so into it’s perfect place, but it all happened during this summer.

My project isn’t only mine, it’s a project me and the youth in Duhok always dreamt to have, and I’m just making that dream come true by making dialogues were Youth would feel comfortable sharing ideas and exploring more about their community and their role in its development.

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While working on my project I couldn’t imagine actually implementing it and making all the preparations needed had got me so stressed out and nervous, I think that’s what anyone would feel while trying to do something important, but I just want to say that it’s okay to feel stressed, it’s even okay to fail, because I didn’t arrive here without failure, I failed once,twice, and even three times until I arrived here. Failure doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, it just means that you’ll succeed more powerfully, and that your success would mean so much more. Don’t be afraid of failure, because that’s not what destroys a person, it’s stopping at a failure and giving up on your dreams that destroys a person. Stress out, have sleepless nights, fail, but never give up. Because all the stress and sleepless nights I had and the failures I suffered from made sense when everyone was saluting me for making history by creating the first dialogue session in my city, Duhok , and that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t fail a couple of times, but most importantly stood up again every time.

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To learn more about Rojeena’s youth dialogues, visit the United Youth Facebook page.

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