Next Phase Organization

By Bavyan S. (DYLEP 2016 Participant)

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My action plan was helping refugees in Arbat. For that I participated in an organization’s activity which was the same as my project, Next Phase Organization which organized by 7 IYLEP alumni, World Learning was the sponsor and funded this project. Then I’m one of the member in this organization, and I told them about my action plan and they were so kind and accepted me in the project.

We implemented the project in March 25th, we helped one of the schools in Barika campus, Arbat, as Sulaymaniyah with 28 members included in with 6 members in the staff, we included a lot of activities to make them enjoy their time. One of the sections was spreading foods such as chips, juice and etc., and another section was playing football, basketball, volleyball and etc. to make the students enjoy their time and in another point to make them how much physical activities are important for them and fun.

Another section was painting on face and a lot of them enjoyed this section and some of them loved flags on their cheeks or some animals in nature. Another section was like cutting their hair for this activity 4 volunteers were with us 3 of them they were in courses to learn how to cut hair and one of them was barber and have years of experience and this section was so useful for the barbers and the students too.

The last section was consist from a group of kids that they were singers and all of them enjoyed the songs and dance with and this section took us more than one hour. Right we didn’t helped a lot of refugees but it was efficient and we helped the entire students who associated in that school.

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